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Top 10 Underwater Scooters in 2019 – MyProScooter

Yamaha RDS250

Underwater scooters are quick turning into a scorching asset in the diving world and help the diver get some momentum underneath the water and give the diver a extra thrilling experience. A further benefit for the diver is that the underwater scooter lets you go additional and explore more of the ocean, pulling you thru the water and demanding less swimming, which saves power and helps you employ less air when using less power

For knowledgeable diver who might help them explore deeper sea depths, an underwater scooter may also be incredible for newbies and freshmen to expertise the mild

We are going to discover the top ten underwater scooters presently available on the market that will help you determine which underwater scooter is greatest for you appropriate.

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1. Yamaha RDS250

  Yamaha RDS250

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The Yamaha RDS250 motorbike is priced at $ 418.59 and you may journey at 2.5 mph at 100 ft. 2 hours of continuous use and weighs about 18 kg. The Yamaha RDS250 motorbike presents a removable buoyancy management chamber for brine diving, although seaweed can in fact even be used in recent water.

The digital camera bracket is included to connect your personal commonplace Go-Pro digital camera, if you would like. To make use of the Yamaha RDS250 motorbike, the manufacturer recommends that you’re over 16 years previous, even if there isn’t a weight limit.

+ 2.5 mph prime velocity
+ 100 ft most depth
+ 2 hours continuous operating time
+ 18 kg weight
+ Digital camera mount

Why we prefer it – The Yamaha RDS250 motorbike is efficient for normal recreation. You’ll be able to connect your GoPro and intercept every thing you see in your dive trip.



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YAMAHA RDS 300 Underwater Scooter presents prime velocity three mph at $ 675.00. With the YAMAHA RDS 300 underwater scooter, you’ll be able to immerse as much as 100 ft so you’ll be able to spend 1.5 hours exploring the sea.

Because of the heavy rubber physique, the underwater scooter is impression resistant, offering a water-proof structure to stop flooding. In addition, the underwater scooter of the YAMAHA RDS 300 consists of twin-degree rotation velocity control and automated shutdown when the triggers are launched. It’s also possible to simply connect Go-Professional with the included digital camera bracket

+ 3 mph prime velocity
+ 100 ft maximum depth
+ 1.5 hours driving time
+ 18 hours lb weight
+ Digital camera Mount

Why we appreciated it – Two-degree velocity management is a superb function that provides you the pliability and selection when diving in the depths of the sea.

3. Sea Scooter Underwater Propeller

  Sea Scooter Underwater Propeller   Sea Scooter Underwater Propeller

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As the worth is $ 929.00, Sea Scooter Underwater Propeller is among the costliest underwater scooters featured on our assessment. Sea Scooter Underwater Propeller presents up to 50 minutes of operating time and quick speeds of 3.7 km / h. Charging the battery takes about 4 hours earlier than you’re ready to take the water.

+ 50 Minute Run Time
+ three.7 km / h Top Velocity ​​
+ Sluggish and Fast Velocity ​​Choices
+ 4 Hour Battery Charging Time
+ Trendy Yellow Design

Why we favored it – Sluggish and quick velocity settings help you change the velocity through the search, zoom down the ocean depths and decelerate and take in coral reefs

4. Yamaha Seal

  Yamaha Seal   Yamaha Seal

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In case you are considering shopping for an underwater scooter for friendly use with family and friends and never diving in the depths of the sea, Yamaha Seal underwater scooter could be the only option for you.

The worth is $ 226.25, so this feature is likely one of the most reasonably priced options in our record and is ideal for a household enjoyable or novice diver. The Yamaha Seal Underwater Scooter presents a 15 ft depth at 2 mph, and presents a 1.5 hour experience and classy pink and white design.

+ Great worth
+ 2 mph prime velocity
+ 15 ft depth
+ 1.5 hour driving time
+ Great for newcomers

Why can we like it – in case you are a newbie Diving, the Yamaha Seal Underwater Scooter is a superb begin at a low worth. Reaching a very good velocity of two mph, the utmost allowable depth of 15 ft will provide you with the opportunity to expertise underwater earlier than going deeper into the ocean.

5. Sublue US WhiteShark Mix

  Sublue US WhiteShark Mix   Sublue US WhiteShark Mix

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Sublue US The WhiteShark Mix submersible scooter can reach the deepest depth of all of the underwater Scooters discovered in our 131-foot Sublue US WhiteShark Mix Underwater The scooter is $ 699.00 and has a singular design and three totally different colour choices.

The underwater scooter is simply 6.28 kg lightweight, so you possibly can carry it with you whenever you store with the enclosed duffle bag. The Sublue US WhiteShark Combine underwater scooter has a velocity of three.35 km / h as long as the battery is absolutely charged. Most sports cameras could be related to the Sublue US WhiteShark Mix underwater scooters so you possibly can capture good moments beneath the ocean.

+ 3.35 mph prime velocity
+ 131 ft depth
+ 6.29
+ Three shade choices
+ Digital camera mounting

Why did we prefer it – This mild underwater scooter gives the convenience of use that permits you to carry your dive gear effortlessly and effortlessly. [19659013] 6. JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin

  JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin   JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin

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JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin's underwater scooter is a smaller gadget that is good for newcomers and newcomers. Arriving at 2 mph, JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin Underwater Scooter presents 1.5 hours of driving time and reaches 15.5 ft underwater.

This underwater scooter is appropriate for adults and youngsters aged eight and over. and a wholesome introduction to leisure diving. In addition, the options of the JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin Underwater Scooter are nice and engaging

+ 1.5 Hours
+ 2 mph Excessive Velocity ​​
+ 15.5 Ft Depth
+ Appropriate for Adults and Over For eight-yr-olds
+ Inexperienced and Blue Design

Why we appreciated it – Many underwater scooters are appropriate for adults, so it's nice to notice that JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin's underwater scooter is appropriate for youngsters over eight years of age and adults.

7. Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 U / W

  Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 U / W   Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 U / W

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Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 U / W The underwater scooter is among the costliest underwater scooters and is priced at $ 2,695.00. At a depth of 230 meters, this underwater scooter can travel at ocean depths more than twice as much as different highly effective units.

The Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 U / W underwater scooter delivers as much as 110 minutes of driving time and a 3-velocity base station that allows you to expertise flexibility and freedom.

+ Depth is 230 ft
+ 2.6 mph velocity
+ 110 minutes of operation
+ 3-velocity propeller
+ Full velocity management

Why did we prefer it – Although the Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 U / W water heater is an costly model that can attain 230 ft deep by way of the ocean, it’s a great function for knowledgeable divers.

eight. DET 24V 300W

  DET 24V 300W   DET 24V 300W

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The worth of the DET 24V 300W underwater scooter is about $ 899.00 and has a yellow and black design. right down to the ocean. The DET 24V 300W Underwater Scooter gives as much as 60 minutes of absolutely charged battery life, allowing the leather-based to cowl handles that forestall slipping in water. The switches could be found on each side of the underwater scooter by pressing the left change for accelerated velocity and the best change for power.

+ Yellow and black design
+ 98 ft deep
] + 60 minutes of use
+ Handles with leather-based
+ Switches on each side of the system

Why we appreciated it – The DET 24V 300W Underwater Scooter gives good ergonomic options and ensures that nearly 100 ft may be reached



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The worth of the HOVERSTAR underwater scooter is $ 1,599.00, making it one of many costlier models. Because of futuristic design, the HOVERSTAR underwater scooter is accessible in vibrant white or actual black with orange blinking.

The HOVERSTAR underwater scooter has a velocity of 5.6 mph. ft depth and has 100 minutes of driving time. Other options embrace an automated shut-off magnetic security system in addition to an intelligently controlled engine for complete horizontal experience.

+ Two Shade Options
+ 5.6 mph Top Velocity ​​
+ 66 Ft Depth
+ 100 Minute Drive Time
+ Magnetic Change Automated Safety System

Why We Had It – Although HOVERSTAR The underwater scooter is an expensive mannequin, it gives the very best velocity on all underwater scooters available on the market that’s suitable for a more experienced diver

10. Yamaha 500Li

  Yamaha 500Li   Yamaha 500Li

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The highest velocity of the Yamaha 500Li underwater scooter is four.35 km / h with 3-velocity rotation control. The worth of the Yamaha 500Li Underwater Scooter is $ 1,499.00 and contains a digital camera mount that is suitable with GoPro and may store up to 130 ft. In addition, the battery degree indicator ensures that you are absolutely conscious of how much battery life will final.

+ four.35 mph
+ Depth 130 ft
+ three-degree rotation velocity control
+ Sets digital camera cover
+ Battery degree detectors

Why did we like it – 4 With a velocity of 35 km / h and a depth of 130 ft, the Yamaha 500Li is an environment friendly scuba diver for an underwater scooter.

Information to a Underwater Scooter Buyer

What’s an Underwater Scooter?

An underwater scooter is a diving gear that helps the diver to extend the vary underwater. Underwater, the diver is carrying the respiration fuel on his back and may only keep beneath water for so long as the respiratory fuel lasts. An underwater scooter pulls the diver by way of the water, requiring them to swim less and use less breathable fuel. [20659086] Velocity ​​

Velocity ​​

The velocity that an underwater scooter travels ranged from 2 mph to over 5 mph, depending on the brand and mannequin you bought. For a newbie or household-pleasant use, the velocity of 2 mph must be quick sufficient, at first. A more skilled diver might need a quicker underwater scooter, regardless that quicker and more environment friendly models are costlier


Because the underwater scooter dives beneath the sea, the depth it will possibly achieve can also be essential. Newbie underwater scooter can travel 15 ft, which is a considerable distance underneath the sea. Nevertheless, costlier models can reach at the very least 100 ft and some models can attain 230 ft. Nevertheless, these depths ought to only be achieved by highly skilled divers.

Driving Time

It's essential to seek out out what time every underwater scooter is able to. Freshmen 40 to 50 minutes ought to have enough time. Nevertheless, an skilled diver might need to research the acute depths of the ocean, so up to 120 minutes of driving may be desirable

Query to buyer

Q: Do I want an underwater scooter

A: No, you don't need an underwater scooter for diving. Nevertheless, an underwater scooter can make your diving experience much more pleasurable and significantly improve the underwater range. An underwater scooter pulls the diver by means of the water, requiring them to swim much less and use less breathable fuel. The tank's respiration fuel then lasts longer, and the diver will increase their underwater areas

Query to the customer

Q: Are the Most Expensive Underwater Scooters the Greatest?

A: It might not depend upon what you want together with your underwater scooter. The costliest underwater scooters are often probably the most efficient, shifting quicker and people who journey deeper by way of the ocean. These underwater scooters are appropriate for an skilled or expert diver and for many who apply very significantly and need to get more from an underwater scooter. Decrease underwater scooters are usually merchandise with decrease, mild speeds and people who travel at shorter depths.

Purchaser's Guide Question

Q: Can a toddler use an underwater scooter?

A: Most underwater scooters require 16 years of age and older as a result of the gadget makes use of power. Comply with these age limits as a result of they are set for a cause, and some models could also be too highly effective for beneath 16-year-olds. Nevertheless, there are fashions which might be suitable for youngsters of a certain age, such because the JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin scooter, appropriate for youngsters aged 8 and over. JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin's underwater scooter allows 2 mph and 15.5 m deep, permitting you and your baby to take pleasure in as much as 1.5 hours of diving.

Skilled Tip

Whenever you buy a new diving masks, rub some toothpaste on the within to scale back the potential of spraying. Also, do not use sunscreen whenever you dive, as it could injury coral reefs. Other merchandise are available to guard your pores and skin from the solar, comparable to rash vest and hood

Do you know?

The first underwater scooters have been based mostly on torpedo know-how. Their early recorded use takes place as a army element as part of the World Conflict

Key Info:

Product Dimensions Weight Velocity ​​ Yamaha RDS250 – B075FXYCH5

x 15.2 x 12.three inches 18 kg 2.5 mph YAMAHA RDS 300 – B077XYG3BT

24 x 15.2 x 12.three inches [19659106] 18kg 18kg 3 mph Marine scooter underwater propeller – B01KH32W0K

23.5 x 14.6 x 12.2 inches 18 kg [19659106] three mph Yamaha Gasket – B075FBWQJ1 11.25 x 11.25 x 19 inches 12 kg 2 mph US WhiteShark Combine – B07CQH15X7 10×19 x 10 inches 6.28 kg three.4 mph JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin – B01MZDQCSA

10.three x 19.4 x 10.three inches 12 kg 2 mph Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 U / W – B zero16E4W09O

14 x 10 inches 18 kg 2.6 mph DET 24V 300W – B07FPMNCGC

23.6 x 14.2 x 12.2 inches 16.5 kg 3 mph three mph 3 mph HOVERSTAR – B07LD7ZCP2

] 22 x 14 x 12 inches 30.eight lbs 5.6 mph Yamaha 500Li – B077XZ1VGB

12.6 x 11.eight x 24 inches 21 lbs 4,35 km / h


The market for underwater scooters has so much to select from, providing you nice options and great prices. In case you are new to diving or need to convey your family to the sport, a less expensive and fewer effective underwater scooter will go well with you. Nevertheless, when you take your dive critically, there are at present very highly effective models obtainable, a few of which can assist you to reach 230 ft underneath water, plus you’ll be able to journey over 5 mph.

An underwater scooter before you begin your activity, such as the velocity it provides to swimming, so you possibly can rest when wanted and subsequently use much less power and less oxygen, which provides a bigger underwater area.

Amazon recommends:

Bestseller No. 1

  Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter ARCTIC WHITE   Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter ARCTIC WHITE
Sublue Whiteshark Combine Underwater Scooter ARCTIC WHITE

  • Simplified consumer-friendly design for quick and straightforward for easy use. Included …
  • Moveable small measurement and nice power. The entire weight of 3.5 kg makes it …
  • Straightforward to use in a protected area.

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