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Dougie's Monday Bag (Terence Crawford-Amir Khan)

Dougie's Monday Bag (Terence Crawford-Amir Khan)


Whats up Dougie,

I hope you, the household and the group are advantageous. It shouldn't have been King Khan. As a constructive he managed to win a round 2 after round 1.

I'm not saying that the battle was turning due to stopping, but he answered Terence Crawford quite a bit and better. He crossed Crawford every so often and scored, also pushing him again sometimes.

Crawford confirmed why he’s P4P among the best fighters on the planet. Khan's velocity and mixtures did not look as blatant as before, but the credit score has to go to Bud to stop Khan from utilizing his velocity or mixtures.

Is Khan slower? Sure, however let us not underestimate how good Crawford was abandoning Khan. Khan will not be as fast as before, however he’s still fast and nonetheless bothering a whole lot of fighters.

Is Khan's chin / fashion better or is Bud? I suppose I ask why Bud didn’t cease Khan when he had hassle a couple of occasions?

Photograph: Mikey Williams / Prime Rank

The stop occurred by way of an unintentional illegal attack. To be an trustworthy approach to reverse the battle for both fighters.

Social media is an entire nut that claims Khan's quitting. These are individuals who have by no means acquired a pair to have an knowledgeable opinion. Khan has never been in search of a struggle. He was dropping earlier than and took the toughest battles he might get and ship value for money. He doesn’t deserve the abuse he has acquired from IMHO.

What is Khan now? I feel it exhibits that he can't grasp up with elite fighters. Division Champs and Prime 5? Should Brook? Retirement?

Bud? He is a tremendous fighter who seems to have all the time had a couple of gear.

Spence will get his palms full. However the battle with Loma is what I need to see. Both are on a unique degree!

Keep up the great work! – Tabraze, London, United Kingdom

Don’t take your breath on behalf of Crawford and Spence, Tabraze, and turn off Vacation vs. Crawford – it gained't happen!

The reality is that Crawford's largest challenge is to discover a worthy challenge. Above WBO's 10 focal factors, there’s nothing value noting, alongside Luiz Collaz, who’s in good time. If Bob Arum can't appeal to any of the PBC's 147-kilo players to struggle on ESPN platforms, the previous boxer of the boxers should take a artistic and perhaps take a look at the separation of the youth print department.

I know that Bud and Mo Hooker are cool with each other, however perhaps the WBO's 140-kilo e-book holder (who had a "mighty" battle because of his weight in the last race – see what I did there?) . Or perhaps the WBSS winner is keen to look for a glory with the 147-red division with Crawford Showdown.

Shouldn't be King Khan. It never got here.

As a constructive he managed to win a spherical 2 after round 1. I feel I have to take a look at this round again.

I'm not saying that the battle was turning to a halt, however he answered Terence Crawford lots and better. He crossed Crawford every now and then and in addition scored by pushing him back every now and then. Khan had moments, however they have been little and much away. Decrease row: he couldn’t get sufficient respect for the descended photographs.

Crawford showed why he is P4P probably the greatest fighters on the planet. Little question. I assumed he would take a couple of rounds of Khan's type and velocity, however Nebraska was in full command of the opening ball.

Khan's velocity and mixtures did not look as blatant as earlier than, but the credit has to go to Bud as a result of he doesn't let Khan use his velocity or get his mixture off. Nevertheless, Khan has slowed down a bit, but Crawford's thoughts is faster and sharper than her.

Khan will not be as fast as earlier than, however he’s nonetheless quick and continues to be bothering many fighters. Isn't the 147 kg division's greatest fighters

Is Khan's chin / fashion higher or is Bud? I suppose I ask why Bud did not stop Khan when he had hassle a number of occasions? Crawford needs to spend time and manage quality ass. There's nothing mistaken with it

The cease occurred by way of an unintentional illegal assault. To be an trustworthy mess, a approach to battle both fighters. This conclusion was buzzkill.

Social media is totally nutty, saying Khan quits. Is there a extra politically right strategy to set it up? "He decided not to continue"? Look, his coach saved him out, and he didn't resist the refugee. I don’t like it towards him because he has shown a valuable past. I simply assume that he has reached the stage the place most veterans can sooner or later enter their profession if they don't need to exit on their defend. I can settle for it with out tearing Khan. So you possibly can, in fact (you are a Khan fan). Others might not

These are people who have never pulled a pair to get an knowledgeable opinion. Welcome to Boxing Twitter

What Now for Khan? I feel it exhibits that he can't cling up with elite fighters. Under no circumstances. Danny Garcia's version that fought that night time would destroy Khan. Shawn Porter is just too physical, Keith Thurman can reply to his velocity, however hit more durable, even Oldman Pac is perhaps more embarrassing than Amir can handle at this point.

Division Champs and Prime 5? Overlook it.

At Brook? It's Khan's 401Okay, there.

Retirement? It might be a sensible move. He is financially secure, but he has a lot satisfaction that we both know he’s preventing once more. Bless her.

Bud? He is a tremendous fighter who appears to have all the time had a number of gear. Reality. Too dangerous we will't see him if he has a weight that can push him to restraint.

Spence will get his palms full. Yeah, if he's abruptly with Bude


Hey Dougie,
Love your work, hold on.

Khan takes it boldly to Canelo. Photograph: Naoki Fukuda

After Amir's defeat, Budi feels that you’re more likely to receive numerous horrible messages from Khan. Perhaps he took the opportunity to stop? I do not know and you don’t do and do not make a crowd that’s quick to chuckle at him behind his telephones or laptops. This can be a man who has taken the hardest battles during his 15+ yr profession. He fought Canelo within the center! This man has acquired balls, whether or not they have been sealed or not. I hope that the actual preventing fans can pay tribute to the actual warrior. I’ve loved Khan's remark through the years and I shouldn’t have anything aside from respect for him.

I’ve to say in any other case than good work! Cheers. – Ross, an Irishman in Spain

Nicely stated, Ross. I wouldn’t have much so as to add to the truth that I also have plenty of respect for Khan and the career he has gathered when he made knowledgeable in 2005. He has gained a few world championships, he has made his identify for himself in the USA, he has met 13 massive zones / Master, he has taken high-quality fighters in his hometowns, has made a lot of money and – most importantly for my part – he has returned from adversity.

If some followers can't honor it, he's carried out it in them.


Hei Doug,

It was a good time here for my first go to to Madison Sq. Backyard, and I didn't need a battle or card, but in the long run I used to be here and set my foot this historic place was ok.

Shakur Stevenson was maybe disappointing because he started actual good and ended up laying eggs. Hopefully the kid understands that he doesn’t have to imitate previous Floyd Mayweather, he can do what young Floyd did and impress the gang. This evening was not the most effective impression, and regardless that he confirmed sparks about what he could possibly be, he decided to cruise to decision-making as an alternative of quitting.

Felix Verdejo seems to be exactly like you stated, not ok as some have been anticipated. He has no photographs vs Teofimo or Loma.

Teofimo seemed a bit flat at first, nevertheless it was a cruel shot. When he determined to turn it on, you possibly can see how special he could be.

Crawford was also spectacular. Sure, Khan is shot and previous, but he’s additionally one-dimensional and lacks the range that his chin has all the time stored him from the elite.

I feel Crawford will let him out of the hook and provides him a couple of laps. On days four and 5 you possibly can see what would occur. Crawford hit him with some nasty body photographs and mixtures. You might feel each punch he made from standing. My wife even advised me she was so nervous to Khan as a result of each throw in Terence threw in dangerous intentions; and precisely what I really like about him (Shakur should take notes).

He needs to impress and provides fans money. I nonetheless help her from Spence, I feel she has just a little more tools and may perform a little extra on each aspect of the sport.

Hopefully his subsequent battle is somebody with a shot. 19659002] Thanks and you’ve got an amazing week! – Juan Valverde, San Diego

Don't belief Crawford's next battle with anyone who has prayed for him. And this is not just because the promotion / network / forum rules are boxing; it is because, together with Errol Spence, the 147-kilo division will not be somebody who can cling with Bud.

Fortunate to take pleasure in a visit to New York and a boxing field. I hope you found your means into the corner of Jimmy and listened to the courtroom arrested by Steve Kim for the degeneration of his crew's preventing recreation no less than one night time you have been on the town.

Shakur Stevenson was perhaps disappointing because he began real good and ended up laying eggs. Hmmm, so that you weren't so impressed and enthusiastic concerning the performance of the view as Tim Bradley and Max Kellerman, who consider they will win each title holder with the 126-kilo division proper now? Oh, man, why are you indignant about this youngster?

I hope the kid understands that he doesn’t have to imitate previous Floyd Mayweather, he can do what Young Floyd did and impress the gang. After his battle interview, he seems to be making an attempt to mimic "Money" Mayweather's polarizing fashion outdoors the ring as much as he needs. Oh, nicely. I feel up-to-comers can't be all out of the circle and entertain it.

Felix Verdejo seems identical to you stated, not ok as some waited. Sure, I don't need to say it, however something is lacking with this guy.

She has no photographs vs Teofimo or Holiday. Accepted, however I still wouldn't mind seeing him in Lopez at NYC.

Teofimo appeared a bit flat at first, but oh, this physique shot was merciless. When he determined to turn it on, you’ll be able to see how special he may be. It's onerous to look good towards an skilled boxer with Edis Tatl's fashion, however when Lopez moves his gear, he’s a really dangerous fighter. I bought him a future star, but I still need to see how he deals with skilled fighters with a world-class sports and puncture.

Crawford was also spectacular. Sure, Khan is shot and previous, but he is additionally one-dimensional and lacks the range that his chin has all the time stored him from the elite. Wait a moment. If Khan is basically "shot" AND "old" (32) and "one-dimensional", clarify how Crawford's victory was so impressive?

I feel Crawford will let him out of the hook and give him a number of laps. It was sad to her if it was true.

four. and on day 5 you’ll be able to see what would happen. So might Khan and Virgil Hunter

Crawford hit him with some nasty body photographs and mixtures. Yes, and the our bodies that attack combos have been lovely cruelty. Crawford's reflective craftsman within the ring.

You’ll be able to really feel every stroke he manufactured from standing. My spouse even informed me she was so nervous to Khan because each throw in Terence threw in dangerous intentions; and precisely what I really like about him (Shakuri should take notes). Crawford has a mean that jogs my memory of James Toney's peak. He just likes to punish.

I'm still favored him over Spence, I feel he has slightly extra selection in a league of software and it may possibly make the game somewhat bit extra on that aspect. I agree, however they’ve to unravel it ring.


Over lengthy, boss. Hope you’re nicely and you will notice you on some upcoming occasions.

Instantly chasing: 35 years in my nation there have been no fighters / 25 years as a fan that I can keep in mind to tackle an insignificant profession, with out apparent outdoors disruptions corresponding to Terrence Crawford.

Context: he launched his pro-debut on March 14, 2008. The subsequent day, Manny Pacquaio fought as a supercamp. Has one thing happened since then?

Rob Gronkowski simply retired to one of the best ever NFL-TE. March 2008? He was a college instructor in Arizona and two and a half years from Tom Brady

Lebron was 2.5 years after leaving Cleveland … .. for the primary time.

Towards his most involved contemporaries: Vacation and Spence have been four.5 years away from their novice peaks on the 2012 Olympics.

And here we are on the age of 12 as a professional, 8th World Champion and sit with the sad hype work at Gamboa's greatest win? Aside from that: a set of hand-picked non-heroes who come to the ring as a "big" struggle.

Amir F__king Khan in 2019. Give me a naked break.

He may be actually gifted, and perhaps someday I'm sorry I let down this street in the direction of a career in something; however right now I am happily having fun with different issues in the night time, he fights.

Inform me where I'm incorrect, brother. Be nicely. – Swider

Friendly Neighborhood Swider-Man Assessment!? Is it really you? Speak concerning the explosion of the previous!

I'm coming the place you got here from Crawford's career. He has been praised as probably the greatest boxers on the planet, has held numerous world champions during the last three years and is unbeatable in 35 competitions, but his report continues to be lacking from different elite names. Amir Khan is his latest scalp. And, as you understand, this scalp marked hell far more eight or nine years in the past.

Bud bangs are on the appropriate aspect of Postol's head on their solution to a conclusion that united the WBO and WBC's 140 pound headlines.

Still, I wouldn't call Crawford's achievements "insignificant." Touring to Scotland to beat Ricky Burns. for me, and I was impressed with how he handled Gambo and Postol (although I knew he would win these battles). Profitable the Ring Journal within the mild and junior weight titles and the undeserved position for 140 kilos weigh with me.

However when you inform me that fighters with less than 20 bouts, akin to Vacation, Aleksandr Usyk and Naoya Inoue, have had a more spectacular career than Crawford, I wouldn't argue with you.

Context: he made his pro-debut on March 14, 2008. The subsequent day, Manny Pacquaio fought as a supercamp. Has something occurred since then? He has advanced into considered one of Prime Rank's secure stars, turning into a hometown of attraction and a robust pull to NYC, he has influenced many hell fans and media members (particularly for HBO network leaders and commentators) to hell. and now ESPN), and as I stated, he collected a number of belts in three weight courses. Does he have a practice with Sugar Ray Leonard that defines preventing with Wilfredo Benitez, Roberto Duran (twice) and Thomas Hearns in two years? No. Is he Oscar De La Hoya, who for 4 years is Julio Cesar Chavez (twice), Pernell Whitaker, Ike Quartey, Felix Trinidad and Shane Mosley? No! Is she Manny Pacquiaoa Marco Antonio Barrera (twice), Juan Manuel Marquez (twice) and Erik Morales (3 times), about 4 and a half years? NO!!!! But Crawford is just not an Olympic tradition, similar to De La Hoya, or phenomenal pure expertise, reminiscent of PacMan, or both like Ray; Sports activities are rather more divided than within the early 1980s, the late 90s and even the mid-2000s.

Towards his most involved contemporaries: Vacation and Spence have been 4.5 years away from their novice peaks at the 2012 Olympics. I get your points, however we will't examine the development of each fighter – whilst arduous, clever, and decided Crawford – to a really gifted Olympics corresponding to Lomachenko and Spence. The holiday was an novice legend, just a few in the history of sport can have a document or achievements there. Spence had much wider and adorned newbie sports activities than Crawford, which had about 70 races. Bud gained some national tournaments comparable to PAL, however not vital, such because the US Championships or Golden Gloves. He was not near Vacation and Spence when he turned to pro, and it is value noting that he had not signed up to an amazing promoter (or "advisor") as each Olympics have been, so his career was going to move much slower.

Crawford fought four rounds a yr and a half in the past when he turned to professional. He fought one other six rounds by mid-2012. And he was utterly underneath the radar, in the event you did not pay attention to the small performances made by small promotional gear comparable to TKO Boxing (who signed Bud in 2010 but have been out of enterprise by the top of 2011) either on tv or on tv at regional

from Crawford I like the fact that he discovered his boat nicely for many who weren’t television broadcasts through the four and six rounds. He was ready when he was given the chance to face higher opponents on bigger platforms in 2013.

And right here we’re a 12-year-old professor, the eighth world champion and we sit with the unhappy hype of Gamboa's greatest win? Gamby was the Olympic champion and former höyhenpainonimike, and he was invincible, when Bud met him, but I agree that the Cuban hearth had been overstated. If that is Crawford's greatest win, I can see the place some are mocking it. Nevertheless, his lengthy solution to turn into a world-class fighter and later an elite shouldn’t make a lot criticism. Bouie Fisher, who directed Bernard

Hopkins was 35 years previous and 13 years in his profession before he made his first vital victory over Felix Trinidad. Photograph Credit score: Al Bello / Getty Photographs

Hopkins, a record-sized medium-sized writer, once advised me that a perfect fighter improvement will take at the very least 10 years until you’ve gotten a particular talent (he used Roy Jones Jr for instance of "special talent"). B-Hop really didn't come to his personal until 99 or 2000, more than 10 years after his pro-debut. Marvin Hagler took six years and 45 pro matches earlier than beginning to win his prize (1979). Julio Cesar Chavez didn’t win his first world championship at the age of 44 and he in all probability didn’t come to his prime years in the direction of the top of 1987 (through the Battle of Edwin Rosario). Now it did not take these great former masters as many years as Crawford hit their peak, however they have been capable of struggle extra typically in the 70s and 80s. For my part, they weren’t Olympic or "specialists" like their rivals (Ray Leonard and Meldrick Taylor, who fought legit-top-10 rivals in a yr and a half once they turned pro and earlier than their 14th battle.)

Apart from the following: a collection of hand-selected non-heroes who come to the circle as a "big" battle. "No-hopers" is a bit

The one who doesn't come. I hope you’re incorrect.

Amir F__king Khan in 2019. Give me a f__king break I suppose you didn't buy ESPN PPV?

She may be really gifted and perhaps sometime I regret not giving option to this path in any career, but now I take pleasure in different things at night time she fights. [19659002]


Hiya Doug,

I went to the Crawford / Kahn battle as a result of it went pretty much as I assumed I wouldn't have paid 70 bucks to see that (I appeared on the highlights of YouTube). All of this has been stated, Crawford is one in every of my most popular fighters and my pound cash.

Now Crawford requires Errol Spence. I can't think of a extra exciting battle for all the boxing right now (are you listening to heavy elements?) Okay I do know they have totally different promoters however these obstacles have been overcome. This bout needs to be carried out now. There are massive bucks which are made round. They need to make this battle and let the winner go right down to the listing of remaining winners. I feel this battle could possibly be a type of battles that even capture random fans with the appropriate promotion … ..and I need to exclude 70 bucks (in this case, they in all probability ask extra) about this battle.

What do you assume Doug? Is there still an opportunity? Historical past has shown that typically you possibly can wait too lengthy. – David, Nashville

Yeah, the battle can move us like Bowe vs. Lewis, or we will get past it, like Mayweather-Pacquia. Both situations frustrate hardcore followers and turn away random ones.

Is it potential for boxing to do the correct thing with Spence-Crawford? Yeah. But I don't see it occur this yr. Haymon and Spice have too many options on the road to maintain Arum and ESPN immediately. I'm positive Haymon believes that Spence should proceed to increase in sports activities where there are battles with Porter, Danny Garcia, and the winner of Pacquiao-Thurman (if it fights) earlier than any negotiation Crawford / Arum / ESPN with. Staff Spence needs to get as a lot leverage as potential and need Staff Crawford desperate.

Nevertheless, fans and boxing gear can maintain strain on each side and their boards, which ought to understand sooner or later that each one parties involved have a lot of money in the event that they do business. As you stated, you’d be keen to cut your hard-earned hand to observe this matchup, and you’d in all probability inform an off-the-cuff fan to your folks that the battle is sort of a exhausting boxing gesture if it was finished. Think about that the battle the battle would take might be if ESPN and FOX (and perhaps Showtime) combine their energy to get the word?

Spence-Crawford would undoubtedly do business. I simply assume that the earliest that a company might occur is subsequent yr.


Doug –

Who wins Garcias 140 weight? – Kevin Key, Duluth, MN

Earlier than the newest battles, I might have advised you in Mickey's heartbeat. However when Danny has been watching the inseparable Adrian Granados magazines on Saturday, I'm not so positive. I'd like to choose Danny, which is in fact a much bigger fighter, if Matchup pressed.

However 140 kilos? It’s probably that Danny would mild himself as much as make this weight, so I'll go together with Mikey for an in depth, perhaps cut up, determination.

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