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Dougie's Friday Mail Bag (heavy showdowns, Tank Davis, Hopkins vs. Toney)

Dougie's Friday Mail Bag (heavy showdowns, Tank Davis, Hopkins vs. Toney)

Some fans aren’t enthusiastic concerning the current launch of Joshua-Miller. Dougie likes it.


Hello Dougie,
What do you’re taking for the newest heavy bulletins – AJ v Huge Child, Whyte v Breazeale – and everyone knows we're coming – Wilder v Fury? 19659003] coming from the UK, the place we have now the highest three four (I feel), I can't assist but feel like this can be a large drop because of Staff Hearn

Truthful play, AJ never got here to battle with Wilder or Fury in April – it's it was clear as a result of Hearn was sensibly over within the negotiations between Finkel and Warren. It appears pretty clear that Hearn and AJ tried to boost their stakes final yr, and Wilder just stated "F__k this," grabbing his chips and tied tables. Since then, Wilder v Fury has all the time been at the very least two battles.

AJ v Whyte is a natural wrestle because it’s really fascinating and since Whyte has made an actual wrestle.

However AJ v Miller?! I couldn't actually care for less than me. And put it in PPV?

Whyte v Breazeale? Because it is the ultimate eliminator, I understand, nevertheless it still doesn't interest me or any of my boxing partners.

I don't assume for a minute that AJ has a worry of Wilder or Fury as many individuals appear to (though a document, I see Fury in UD and Wilder throughout freezing at 8), however he and Hearn are the royal talks of the past few months reveal that Whyte is now shouting for cheers and AJ. !

Wilder v Fury2 – wonderful. I'd love to pay for rematch.

Your concept, as all the time, is properly acquired. Cheers. – Matt, Previous nation

I'm advantageous right here in the spring and summer time with a deliberate heavy-duty operations. I consider that investing in the development of three competitors firmly within the US and UK sports activities spotlight on boxing's glamor division, and I'm positive that a minimum of two of the three fights produces action / drama, and that the results are going to be arrange in 2019 a very fascinating second half of the yr.

I want to notice that Wilder-Fury2 appears to be instant, however it has not but been formally made, and the proposed Whyte-Breazeale-Showdown, which is directed in July, is simply ordered by WBC, it isn’t near doing.

Nevertheless, if Whyte-Breazea occurred, I can do it. Breazea is all the time in a dramatic slugfest. The only time his heart had not carried him in adversity when he fought Joshua. And Whyte, as you stated, has been continuously enhancing (in the course of the 9-0 profitable period) as a result of her lonely defeat at AJ is an entertaining boxer when she encounters an aggressive type.

I’m also good with Joshua Miller. Is it a heavy battle I need to see? In fact not. It will be Joshua-Wilder. However Wilder has an unfinished enterprise with Fury, and if Joshua vs. Wilder goes to be as massive an event in america as the United Kingdom,

Jarrell Miller. Photograph: Rosie Cohe / Showtime

A British star has to convey his performance to America. I feel Miller is the right opponent (not foil) for Joshua's US debut. He is a reputable competitor (albeit still just a little unverified and positively not the Fifth). She's nice, she's skillful, she's unbeatable, she appears to have a strong whiskey, she's a local New Yorker, and she will run in her mouth as she moves her fist. I feel Miller and his cheeky character give the June 1 promotion that he wants to attract the attention of American sports fans who either don't know Joshua or simply aren't serious about London, and I feel he’ll give Joshua a troublesome battle.

But you don't seem to know the same. (And it's cool.)

AJ v Miller?! I couldn't literally maintain less than me. And put it in PPV? I feel it's an honest matchup, but I agree that it isn’t a pay-per-view caliber. Fortuitously for us, Yanks, will probably be at DAZN

Whyte v Breazeale? As a result of it’s the ultimate eliminator, I perceive, but it’s nonetheless not desirous about me or any of your boxing. Perhaps I solely have low requirements for heavy distribution, but I feel that is an entertaining scrap, and I feel Whyte-Breaze's winner deserves a shot for the winner of Wilder-Fury rematch.

AJ does not consider that AJ has a worry in front of Wilder or Fury, as many individuals appear (although for recording UD and Wilder freezing on him eight), but he and Hearn are royal. a number of months of negotiations, as evidenced by Whyte now cheers and shouts! British boxers – like most sports activities followers – are complicated. Yeah, they're consuming Joshua and cheering Whyte, but if and when AJ encounters Fury or Wilder, half of the fans who encourage him now bounce straight to the 2012 Olympic winner – and if he wins these battles, the whole nation wins to have fun him superhero. What Hearn's negotiating expertise, perhaps… perhaps… he's doing exactly what he needs to do, perhaps…. Juuuuuuuuuust perhaps… it's the most effective thing for everybody.

Wilder v Fury2 – wonderful. I'd love to pay for rematch. There are lots of American boxers who know the same approach.

TANK is the subsequent PPV STAR? YEAH RIGHT…

Hey Dougie,

Long-term successor. Return to HoB Days, baby. I keep in mind sitting in a cube back within the 20th century in the late 90s and I found you on the web. This type of started to actually punch boxing. Good occasions!

I recognize all the good care and supervision of sport on the journalistic aspect. It seems really cool to see the ring in your hand today. I actually don't really feel that I purchased your Dougie Fischer inventory early! 😊

However I see Michael Katz's man studying.

Anyhoo, more remark than a question.

So I went via the boxing on Twitter for the weekend and there was no shortage of making an attempt to turn the hype on Tank Davis like Floyd Mayweather and even Stephen Espinoza at Showtime.

That they had these tweets and different public comments that referred to Davis star exercise in his wrestle and the way he was the subsequent PPV boxer of the longer term. Blah blah blah.

I mean individuals. I have seen some unrealistic hyperbole day, however this is out there.

And I'm not getting me fallacious. The tank is a fighter hell. He might do some great things in the ring if he really devoted himself. If he walks straight and slender. If he’s training his career. If he actually remains lively. If he challenges himself. If he takes dangers.

Nevertheless it's lots of IF man. And even then, he has grow to be a well-liked / respected fighter for our robust boxers.

Uh, we've seen a path to develop into PPV stars as a 130 lb or much less fighter. It’s…

1) truly fights with other HOF-level fighters (new concept) and in addition defeats them (and ideally not blown-weight-potential-potential HOFers)

2 (19659003) three) is a large nationwide The group behind you

4) and / or you have got an enormous crossover grievance.

5) Be ready to danger every thing (by some means Floyd received away when he didn't do it when he moved to 147, however in 140 and under he was principally.)

There's nothing about Tank Davis & # 39; s or his promoter / chief developments.

PPV Star ??? Yeah, proper!

These are the packing containers that can be utilized to verify all present and last official PPVs.

More boxers / promoters / leaders / content material programmers would pay close consideration.

it's a man. Hold on, Dougie Recent! – Todd Ebert

Thanks for sharing your ideas, Todd, and reviewing these years (and you are a "longtime" who returns to the previous HouseofBoxing). (By the best way, my "uncle" Mike isn’t lifeless, he’s simply retired.)

I feel Davis has the potential to be something aside from only a respected / in style zone. He undoubtedly strikes the needle as they are saying, and I feel he’s gifted sufficient to grow to be a real master of 130 kilos and entertaining / charismatic to develop into an attraction.

  Gervonta Davis (on the right) pushes Hugo Ruiz's body into a hard thing. Photo: German Villasenor

Gervonta Davis (right) penetrates the body of Hugo Ruiz with a heavy chin. Photograph: German Villasenor

Nevertheless, he had to struggle (and overcome) the 130-kilo ebook holder to prove he was a real master. And, unfortunately, boxing coverage makes it troublesome for him to affiliate Miguel Berchelt, Tevin Farmer, or even a "second" WBA zone, Andrew Cancioa. As well as, regardless that he retreated properly in a well known outside area referred to as StubHub Middle, will probably be troublesome for Tank to develop its own fan in the course of the next battles. He should battle greater than a few times a yr (and it will not be a nasty concept to defend his identify within the Baltimore region or in its surroundings).

Can he be a PPV star? Nicely, as you stated, it's an extended shot. Junior lightweight is often deep and competitive, but it isn’t an ideal division in the USA. With 5-foot-5½, Davis isn't really framed so it could travel far north from its current fight weight. To be trustworthy, I don't assume he can be extra environment friendly than 135 pounds. Nevertheless, there are PPV-worthy opponents who’re mild, principally Ring / WBA / WBO champion Vasily Lomachenko. If Mikey Garcia fails subsequent month to Errol Spencer and decides to return to 135 kilos, he would also be a PPV-worthy opponent for Tank.

I can think about a state of affairs the place Davis wins a couple of high-profile bouts in 130 (maybe towards Carl Frampton, Leo Santa Cruz or perhaps Gary Russell Jr), then wins a serious stay organ at 135 (maybe Lee Selby if Welshman wins his mild debut) and becomes a Holiday or Garcia competitors. However as soon as once more, politics might get to Lomachenko-Davis, and though Mikey is part of the PBC / Showtime universe, he can take a look at his pound-for-pound as a greater lightweight PPV choice than a young Tank. (Think of it if Garcia is going to prepare dinner his physique again to 135, he just plans to do it due to a monster wrestle and Lomachenko will make a much bigger and more vital present.) ought to tell Floyd not to reduce him with Tenshin).


Hey Doug, I hope you do properly.

I was somewhat observing Hugo Ruiz, but Gervonta Davis was once once more influenced. She had a couple of dud performances, but when she appears good she seems to be good. A powerful physique assault, velocity, power and momentum of

I have loved Sunday on ESPN (. Who truly did higher than I expected he can be) the "Joses-battle" media, although I used to be dissatisfied within the decision-making, because I invested a bit of money Zepedalle I assumed that Zepeda was boxing superbly, however it appeared to be operating out of fuel a bit down from stretching … in all probability partly as a result of it wasn't used to struggle, but in addition to some extent from Ramirez's strain and body photographs. I assumed it might have been drawing, but it may possibly't complain that Ramirez will get a doll. I watched the cardboard with my dad and he was just pleased cuz Ray Beltran received another KO, he actually needs Beltran for some purpose.

I need to ask you concerning the premature prediction of DeGale vs Eubank, and how you see the battle. I feel it's a very fascinating battle, particularly at this point in their profession. DeGale has a much larger pedigree and is simply rather more skilled than Eubank, but he has additionally pale barely. On the similar time, Eubank has misplaced numerous luck round him as a result of he has lost to Groves, but I feel individuals might overlook a bit that he gave Groves hassle in places the place his mere athleticism was combined together with his willpower and willingness to make it ugly and scammed. I feel this might be a very good fashion matchup, a basic slick finesse fighter that is a little more bodily weak vs a determined, highly effective, ugly brawler.

Lastly, I want to say that each Lopez and Kovalev actually influenced me on their final trips. I felt that Kovalev might win Alvarez if he had made a bit safer and smarter, however he didn't actually anticipate him to do it. Properly, he ticked completely and in addition confirmed that the jaw just isn’t permanently cracked. I was fairly stunned, but he seems very large.

Lopez, now I get why individuals talked about this guy. And I’ve to say I totally purchase this hype. Not solely was there enough battle to guage him from his son Beltran KO's KO shortly ago. But this battle – we’ve to see it all and rattling this man is only a nice velocity, power, impeccable timing, ring overview, punch choice … really a phenomenon. I'm going to make a comparison (and I do know he's still not preventing anybody and it's by no means really great to match the views of the caretaker's hall), however truthfully, he jogged my memory of Roy Jones there. Perhaps it was a disproportionately powerful punching and fast jerking athleticism, nevertheless it was just a feeling of timing and ring. Anyway, I can't wait to see her once more. I feel he might give the Holiday actual issues in the event that they fought proper now, but in fact it might be wiser to not take such an enormous leap in the competitors. But sure, I just needed to interrupt into Lopez just a little cuz that he was the products. – Jack E.

Teofimo is a commodity. He has proved to be a professional lightweight competitor (albeit lower 10) after solely 12 races. This can be a pretty good thing with American requirements (only Ukrainian newbie stars and Japanese phenomena win the world championships in the course of the first 12 professional bouts).

I'd wish to see him check his expertise / talent / sports activities bona-fide prime 10 competitor and slippery boxer sort earlier than I start drumming the drums in the Lomachenko showdown or examine him to RJJ.

For Hugo Ruiz I used to be just a little bounced, but Gervonta Davis was as soon as once more influenced. She had a few dud performances, however when she seems good she seems to be good. Agreed. The tank has to battle with a legit 130 or 135 kg rival. Ruiz should get a slender ass back to the youthful feather.

I actually loved the "Battle of the Joses" media ESPN in on Sunday, though I used to be disenchanted within the decision-making, because I invested somewhat money Zepedaan (Who was truly better than I had anticipated him to.) I used to be the fitting choice, but I rated it was spherical, and my viewing was repeatedly interrupted or disturbed (I watched it by means of ESPN + on my telephone with a really arduous and busy bowling alley where one of many daughters attended a classmate birthday celebration). I feel it's more likely to restart (at residence on my television) and rating on it.

I assumed Zepeda was boxing superbly, however it appeared to be operating out of fuel a bit of down stretching … in all probability partly as a result of it wasn't used for battle, but in addition in any small part of Ramirez's strain and body photographs. Agreed, and Ramirez deserves credit score for his body attack (although it was not as targeted or effective as normal – and Zepeda deserves credit score for it).

I assumed it may need been drawing, but can't complain about Ramirez getting a scam. Okay, you really need to guess "little money" on Zepeda, as a result of in case you had captured anything vital, I know you’d be pissed. He actually likes Beltran for some cause. What doesn't like Beltran (apart from earlier PED utilization)? Dude makes an incredible struggle.

DeGale (left) and Eubank Jr. Photograph: Lawrence Lustig

I need to ask you concerning the untimely prediction of DeGale vs Eubank and the way you see the battle. I don't have a favourite on this super-medium matchup, however leaning in the direction of Eubank because I see him as a more moderen fighter / athlete.

I feel it's a very fascinating battle, particularly at this point of their career. I feel it must be an fascinating competitors. DeGale would make an amazing boxing match, but he tends to tug them into battles.

DeGale has a a lot bigger pedigree and is just rather more skilled than Eubank, however he has also pale barely. I like DeGale lots, but I feel his "skills" are overestimated and I feel he's greater than just a little pale. The Olympia gold medalist has been in at the least four exhausting 12-round battles going back to 2015 or 2016.

On the similar time, Eubank has lost numerous luck round him as a result of he's misplaced to Groves, however I feel individuals might overlook somewhat that he gave Groves is suffering from places the place his mere athleticism was mixed together with his willpower and willingness to make it ugly and rip-off. I do know Eubank might be within the mailbox, however nobody has an "easy" time with him.

I feel this might be a very good type matchup, a basic beautiful fighter that is a bit more bodily weak than a prescribed, powerful, ugly brawler. I don't assume DeGale is a "slippery" or "subtle" boxer (he's a sort of sloppy piece / changer) and I feel Eubank is more than a "ugly brawler" with power and willpower.


Hi Doug,

I’m stunned that Bernard Hopkins and James Toney won’t ever fought.

Why do you assume the battle by no means occurred?

Who would win with the varied public weights they competed for?

Sincerely, – Anish Parekh

Hopkins was a short period (late 1992 / early 93s) within the identify of IBoney's medium focus, which Toney stored, but Lights Out launched his 160-pound belt by controlling Iran's Barkley by incomes IBF's super-centered title 13 February third Three months later, Hopkins encountered the free belt IBF No. 2 rival Roy Jones Jr and rejected a unanimous determination for a really gifted Olympic medalist. It was troublesome for Jones, like Toney, to make 160 kilos and actually only defend IBF

as soon as for a medium-sized title (vs. Thomas Tate) earlier than interviewing Toney's IBF's super-medium weight zone in November 1994. (Jones fought 4 occasions between the Hopkins and Toney races, but three of those battles were not super-centered. When Hopkins gained the title of a free IBF centerweight in 1995, Toney was full of light heavy weight (and he never fought beneath a light-weight heavy weight). Consider it or not, talking about Hopkins to Toneyy on a cruise ship (or some weight between 175 and 190) in 2003, however each side couldn't agree on the money.

Hopkins was not on Tony's radar when he was still capable of make 160 pounds. By the time Hopkins had risen to the IBF record partly as a result of it gained the first spherical of the free USBA title Wayne Powell in December 1992 and defended the regional belt towards Gilbert Baptist in February 93, Toney fought towards Michael at Nunn and Mike McCallum at TVKO (HBO) previous PPV arm) and rematch with McCallum and Barkley's destruction with HBO. The Nunn and McCallum bouts have been played with a primary cable and a community TV. His wrestle with Reggie Johnson and Dave Tiber was on TV. He was The Ring's 1991 fighter. Then again, Hopkins was presently a radar ship fighter. He not solely had a name or achievements to get Toney's attention.

Who do you assume has a much bigger heritage? Barely leaning in the direction of Hopkins as a result of he has an all-time ebook and his consistency at world class / elite degree. Toney has a larger expertise, but he didn’t have the self-discipline to benefit from it, and his profession was a collection of lullabies and setbacks (which he shouldn’t have suffered) because of his sloth. But Toney is the famer's first ballot box and undoubtedly an incredible one all time. He might have kicked his ass in any age.

Who would win with the varied public weights they competed for? Lean toward Hopkins 160 when you speak about B-Hop's greatest mid-size model, but in case you are asked who would have gained at the age of 160 if they fought within the early 90s, lean on Toney (although there is a very real probability that Lights Out might overlook concerning the then unknown Hopkins in the same method as Bernard's previous man Tiber and paid the worth). I help Toney at 168 pounds. I help Hopkins with 175 kilos. I help Toney with any weight above 175.

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