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Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bikes

Biking is among the greatest practices and may also be enjoyable in the event you select a gorgeous path. Selecting a top quality mountain bike with an excellent velocity and efficient suspension can be sure that the mountain bike works within the terrain or regardless of the weather circumstances. Probably the most essential selections you make when selecting a mountain bike to buy is the dimensions of the wheel, as a result of choosing a motorcycle measurement that’s both too small or too high for the height might be detrimental to your driving expertise.

We've reviewed ten of the most effective mountain bikes which are presently available on the market in 2019 and each value lower than $ 300, so you possibly can determine what is the greatest mountain bike for you and your wants.

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1. Schwinn Excessive Timber Mountain Bikes

  Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bikes

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Schwinn Excessive Timber Mountain Bike provides 20 inch wheels in a mountain-fashion body, obtainable in both purple design or blue and green. Features embrace a Schwinn suspension fork that gives lasting driving and gratifying experience. It gives a seven-velocity Shimano swivel change in addition to the Shimano rear derailleur, and this mountain bike presents easy gear for top efficiency and clean driving.

Providing linear brake brakes ensures that your mountain bike stops in all weather circumstances, even mud. As well as, you’ll be able to ensure that maintenance is lowered with mild alloy wheels. The Schwinn Excessive Timber Mountain Bike includes a full lifetime warranty and weighs about 30 kg.

+ 20 inch wheels
+ Two colour choices
+ Seven-velocity Shimano revolutions
+ Shimano rear derailleur
+ Mild alloy wheels

Why we favored it – Seven-velocity Shimano The inclusion of a swivel change and Shimano rear derailleur ensures that the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is a protected and sturdy buying that guarantees high performance and satisfying experience every time. In addition, you spend less time cleaning and sustaining this bike because of highly effective, robust and lightweight metallic rims.

2. Kent KZ2600 Twin-Suspension Mountain Bike

  Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike   Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

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Kent KZ2600 Twin-Suspension Mountain Bike provides 26-inch wheels for full suspension of aluminum MTB -frame. This mountain bike stands out from the gang of granite shade ranges with elegant blue flashes that surround each wheel rim. Along with the Shimano 21-speed changer behind the event changer, this bike provides you the versatility and competitiveness that such a motorcycle needs.

Both disc brakes and alloy wheels offer you all the specified features you’ll be able to think of with this buy. The Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike weighs about 39.9 kg.

+ Nice shade design
+ Shimano 21-speed changer
+ Rear wheel changer
+ Disc brakes
+ Alloy wheel rims

Why did we like it – Kent KZ2600 Dual- Suspension Mountain Bike provides a singular and classy colour and options that may make you the jealousy of the bike circuit. Shimano 21-speed gearboxes supply quite a few options for a motorcycle journey regardless of terrain, path or weather circumstances.

3. Huffy Mountain Bike Summit Ridge

  Huffy Mountain Bike Summit Ridge   Huffy Mountain Bike Summit Ridge

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Huffy Mountain Bike Summit Ridge Mountain Bike is accessible in six totally different colour options. lofty denim blue or metallic cyan. If in case you have more brilliant colours on your style, this mountain bike is out there in pink, patterned violet or young daylight.

Options 21-speed options that give you multiple change options and adapt to all attainable terrain. climate circumstances or path. Providing 26 inch wheels along with an adjustable seat, this mountain bike can undoubtedly go a distance.

+ 26 inch wheels
+ Six colour choices
+ High quality colors or brighter colors
+ 21 velocity
+ Adjustable seat

Why we appreciated it – Huffy Mountain Bike Summit Ridge is a trendy and highly effective mountain bike obtainable in six unique shade decisions. Our favorites are a brilliant pink daylight with black shadows and a lush denim-blue design with yellow blinking

4. Mongoose R2780 Impasse Dual Cycle Wheel

  Mongoose R2780 Impasse Dual Bicycle   Mongoose R2780 Impasse Dual Full Bicycle

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units a silver selection along with its distinctive body structure. 29-inch wheels and Aluminum tires provide comfort and sturdiness on every journey. The aspect suspension fork aligns the terrain regardless of location.

Features embrace a 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur, which lets you easily change gear models along with the SRAM thread guides. The all-terrain mountain bike consists of alloy wheels with a quick-release entrance and a front and rear alloy. The Mongoose R2780 Deadlock Dual bike weighs roughly 44 kg and comes with a restricted guarantee on your purchase.

+ Development setting colour
+ 29 inch wheels
+ 21-wheel. Shimano rear derailleur
+ Alloy wheels with fast launch
+ SRAM rotary switches

Why we appreciated it – Consists of 29-inch wheels and 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM revolutions, Mongoose R2780 Impasse Twin Full Suspension bicycle is the perfect mountain bike. In addition, the fashionable and profitable selection is elegant in colour and a singular body structure.

5. Huffy Escalate 21 Velocity ​​Hardtail Mountain Bike

  Huffy Escalate 21 Speed ​​Hardtail Mountain Bike   Huffy Escalate 21 Speed ​​Hardtail Mountain Bike

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24 inch wheels, Huffy Escalate 21 Velocity Hardtail Mountain Bike is a robust buy. Out there in 4 totally different colour choices: shiny black, glossy lavender, shiny nickel or metallic mint. The mountain bike is delivered partially assembled, which requires less effort earlier than you can begin cycling.

Regardless of the climate, regardless of the climate, whatever the route or terrain. As well as, ATB-sort resin pedals be sure that they’re all the time responsive, whereas Krayton handles guarantee you’re all the time snug whereas driving.

+ 24 inch wheels
+ 21 velocity
+ 4 shade options
+ ATB-sort resin pedals
+ Krayton handles

Why did we prefer it – In case you are shorter The Huffy Escalate 21 Velocity ​​Hardtail Mountain Bike might be the right selection for you who presents quite a few trendy design decisions in addition to the highly effective 21-speed function.

6. Huffy Mountain Bike Aluminum Body 21

  Huffy Mountain Bike Aluminum Frame 21   Huffy Mountain Bike Aluminum Frame 21

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Huffy Mountain Bike Aluminum Frame 21 Mountain Bike gives 24-inch wheels in addition to three distinctive coloured fashions with matt acid inexperienced , satin tropic blue or matt black. As well as, ATB-sort resin pedals make sure that they’re all the time responsive, while Krayton handles guarantee you’re all the time snug while driving. Whatever the route or terrain, the front suspension provides an entire accurate answer whatever the climate.

+ 24 inch wheels
+ 4 totally different colour schemes
+ Trendy various
+ Trendy various
] + ATB-sort pedals
+ Krayton handles

Why we appreciated it – Huffy Mountain Bike Aluminum Frame 21 Mountain Bike is a superb selection for young individuals or young individuals. ATB-sort resin pedals are a robust function in addition to desired Krayton handles that provide protected, dependable and cozy driving each time.

7. 24 ″ Royce Union RTT Males's 21-Velocity ​​Mountain Bike

  24   24

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The 24-inch Royce Union RTT Men's 21-speed Mountain Bike presents 24 inch wheels and is obtainable in putting matt mandarin shade design as well as in addition to seven shade decisions. Light-weight however sturdy aluminum physique, this mountain bike allows clean and straightforward handling on all terrain. Clean set off switching provides 21-speeds a pleasing experience, while the light-alloy wheels with linear traction wheels embrace machined alloy wheels to allow the Brake Pads to realize environment friendly stopping power.

+ 24-inch wheels
+ Eight colour options
+ Lightweight aluminum body
+ 21 velocity
+ Clean trigger change

Why we appreciated it – eight colour choices 24 ″ With Royce, Union RTT Males's 21-Velocity ​​Mountain Bike ensures that each design matches your design. Our special favorite is the matte mandarin colour selection, which exhibits the orange colour of the desired rust that provides you your favourite route.

8. Takara Jiro Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

  Takara Jiro Dual Suspension Wheel   Takara Jiro Dual Suspension Wheel

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Takara Jiro's Twin Amassing Wheel presents 27.5-inch wheels and an aluminum two-spring frame that gives intelligent buy. Options embrace a Shimano event changer in addition to Shimano Revo wrenches, making certain clean and reliable driving. Further options embrace front and rear disc brakes that make sure that the mountain bike stops if you want it. Takara Jiro Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike weighs 47.2 kg and is out there in elegant black matt black.

+ 27.5 inch wheels
+ aluminum double suspension frame
+ Shimano event
+ Shimano Revo thread
+ Entrance and rear plate brakes

Why we appreciated it – Takara Jiro Twin-Suspension Mountain Bike is out there in a chic matt black shade choice and consists of all the specified options on the mountain bike.

9. Kingttu EURG6 Mountain Bike 26 inches

  Kingttu EURG6 Mountain Bike 26 inches   Kingttu EURG6 Mountain Bike 26 inches

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Kingttu EURG6 Mountain Bike is provided with 26-inch wheels and is accessible in a selection of two colour options: Army Inexperienced or Neon blue. You’ve a 21-speed Shimano front and rear derailleur and changer, so that you get a strong mountain bike and reliable buying. This double spring mountain bike feels mild and straightforward to maneuver with double disc brakes for good stop energy.

Three-means trend rims supply ease of use and control whereas the mountain bike itself is delivered virtually assembled, requiring much much less time and effort before you can start driving. Kingttu EURG6 Mountain Bike weighs a total of 42 kg.

+ 26-inch wheels
+ 21-speed Shimano front and rear derailleur and change
+ Dual layer
+ Straightforward to move
+ Virtually absolutely assembled

Why we appreciated it – The Kingttu EURG6 mountain bike type impresses anybody traveling on the route, with trendy three surfaces with wheels and a robust and distinctive body for aesthetic qualities. Our favourite colour range is the inexperienced design of the army with a classy pattern.

10. Takara Ryu Front Suspension Mountain Bike

  Takara Ryu Front Suspension Mountain Bike   Takara Ryu Front Suspension Mountain Bike

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Takara Ryu Front Suspension Mountain Bike consists of 27.5 inch wheels and aluminum physique. Because of Etujouse and Shimano Tourney remote controls, this mountain bike gives Shimano Revo wrenches and front and rear disc brakes. In matt black, this mountain bike appears trendy because it travels via each route. Takara Ryu Front Suspension Mountain Bike weighs round 44 kg and is nearly absolutely assembled to save lots of you time and power, so you simply have to suit the entrance tire and handlebar.

+ 27.5 inch wheels
+ Aluminum frame
+ Shimano Tourney
+ Shimano Revo wrenches
+ Virtually absolutely assembled

Why did we prefer it – Where In search of a trendy mountain bike that appears good on the path, then Takara Ryu Entrance Suspension Mountain Bike might be your buy for you with all the bike options you’d anticipate from a high quality bike.

Mountain Bike Guide for Less Than $ 300

When in search of a mountain bike, there are specific bike features that it is best to search for in detail. For instance, the fashion of materials and properties is essential, as are suspension and kit particulars that affect the biking expertise.


Although the shape of the body could be favored by taste and aesthetics, the material of the frame will definitely have some significance. cycling alternatives. Cheaper bicycles embrace metal of the material used for the body, which could be heavy and may be an obstacle to cycling efficiency and ease of use.

Finding a mountain bike that makes use of aluminum as a frame materials may be pricey and may cause you to succeed in the top of the price range, however aluminum is far lighter, making it simpler to maneuver and velocity quicker on the route.


A larger variety of gear obtainable on your mountain bike will give you more choices and flexibility. When driving on a steep hill, a larger number of gears imply which you could shift gear in smaller levels, which improves accuracy and easy driving. The perfect minimal variety of gears is on the rear of the nine sprockets and is related to a comb with three rings on the front of the wheel.


The perfect sort of brake that you should use on your bike is a disc brake that delivers efficient performance in comparison with traditional brakes that pressed the wheel rim to cease. Further stop power could be found if the brakes use hydraulic fluid as an alternative of typical cables. This ensures that your mountain bike needs much less upkeep.


Selecting the best sort of mountain bike tires will range relying on what you employ on a mountain bike. For example, should you do your every day work, typical mountain bike tires are sufficient. Nevertheless, in case you are considering shifting on terrain in several terrain, you want more demanding tires

Hanging forks

Bonus off-street driving is the inclusion of a suspension fork, regardless that mountain bikes the place this function could be expensive. A inflexible arm fork could be a good option to hold prices low, especially if it is geared to a less expensive bike.

Full Suspension

Beware of mountain bikes claiming they’ve a full suspension. This can be a good function and is when the bike has a suspension on the entrance wheel and rear wheel.

Wheel measurement

The dimensions of mountain bikes is essential. If the wheels are too small in your peak, chances are you’ll discover that the legs are pressed up and prove to be uncomfortable. If the wheels are too high in your peak, you could have to struggle with the bike whereas sitting. To start with, you need to measure the height together with your ft and inches

One of the simplest ways to do it is to face towards the wall and mark the top measurement with a pen. Then take the tape measure and measure the wall from flooring to pencil mark. Next, comply with the manufacturer's instructions to seek out out what sort of mountain bike you want.

Sometimes, a 24-inch wheel is appropriate for a person that’s about 5 meters lengthy, while a 26-inch wheel is greatest fitted to individuals between 5 ft and 6 inches long and 5 ft 10 inches lengthy. Nevertheless, in case you are taller than this, you will discover greater bikes that hold huge wheels.

Is there plenty of gear on my bike?

A: This is dependent upon what you want from your bike and the place you employ your bike. In case you intend to journey gently on flat surfaces, the gear is probably not crucial function in your most popular listing. Nevertheless, if you’ll drive off-street or even steep hills, then the gear will surely be your pal. Gears provide help to whenever you need it most, and may help forestall joint injuries.

Is it greatest to buy the costliest mountain bike?

A: Not essentially. You could consider what you're in search of in a bicycle with average utilization. If in case you have set a finances of $ 300, the record you’re in search of should have priority over an aluminum body with a superb gearbox and suspension. Using lower than a price range in your bicycle can free cash for a superb path helmet that gives head protection, high performance, and powerful build.

Glasses are additionally useful, particularly if you find yourself on the street, protecting your eyes from flying filth and particles. Biking footwear can be a great investment that permits for higher transmission from the ft to the pedals. As well as, it might be useful to hold a backpack while driving, making certain that you’ve a bottle of water, a telephone and another gadgets chances are you’ll need, especially in an sudden emergency.

Being driving in desert areas, so communicating with the emergency service is significant for those who endure from a cause or an accident.

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